Dateline: August 15, 2017


Margin Debt Sets New Peaks: Warning Sign
According to the latest data from the New York Stock Exchange, margin debt has hit new peaks four times this year, starting with a new record of $513 billion in January; $528 billion in February; $536.9 billion in March; and reaching a whopping $549 billion in April. The most recent reading for June shows a decline to $539 billion – but that is still an increase of 64 percent from the margin level of January 2008, the year of the epic financial crash on Wall Street.

Spiraling margin debt, where investors pledge securities at their brokerage firm to obtain a loan, typically to buy more securities, is frequently associated with stock market crashes… (Continue to full article)

JC Penney Becomes a Penny Stock
But JC Penney is not alone. Other mall anchor tenants such as Sears and Macy’s have plummeted over the past two years as Amazon’s on-line grip takes further hold. I included car rental giant Hertz (blue line) for comparison. They are all a pale image of their former selves in terms of earnings and stock price. A Penney for your thoughts??? (Continue to full article)

LIBOR Is a Fictitious Fraud and What That Means
The casual news reader will see the term “LIBOR” and assume this is just a postgame wrapup to the LIBOR scandal of a few years back, in which may of the world’s biggest banks were caught manipulating interest rates. It isn’t. This is a new story, featuring twin bombshells from a leading regulator – one about our past, the other our future. To wit… (Continue to full article)

Another Wells Fargo Customer Abuse Scandal Coming
Once again… circle the wagons and defend yourselves – the boys in the black hats are coming for your pocket-books… (Continue to full article)

We’ll Meet Again

“Many people think of our times as being the last before the end of the world. The evidence of horror all around us makes this seem possible.

But isn’t that an idea of only minor importance? Doesn’t every human being, no matter which era he lives in, always have to reckon with being accountable to God at any moment? Can I know whether I’ll be alive tomorrow morning?

A bomb could destroy all of us tonight. And then my guilt would not be one bit less than if I perished together with the earth and the stars.” ~ Sophie Scholl, Munich, 1942

Gold Set To Rise While Debt-Based Assets Collapse
I have shown how economic conditions, today, appear very similar to that of the early 80s (circa 1983). These similar conditions show up on the long-term gold and Dow charts, as shown in that article.Now, if those similarities continue, then the Dow will continue much higher from this point on, while gold will go into a long-term… (Continue to full article)

British Treasure Hunters Discover Nazi Shipwreck Loaded With Gold Worth £100 Million
SS Minden set sail from Banco Germanico in Brazil to Germany, when it sank 120 miles southeast of Iceland on September 24, 1939, shortly after World War II began. When word got to Fuhrer Adolf Hitler that two British cruisers had spotted the ship carrying the treasure, he ordered the captain of the SS Minden to sink the ship in order to avoid the British seizing the precious metal… (Continue to full article)

Cryptocurrencies – The Next Level of Power and Control Developed by The NSA
In November 2013 we learned that bitcoin was built on technology the NSA had developed. The original source was deleted from an interview conducted that month and, unfortunately, is now lost to history – it doesn’t change the facts. Now we learn that information was 100% spot on correct. The NSA developed blockchain technology and released the information in a white paper that has been uncovered by Ken Schortgen, Jr., The Daily Economist. This confirms what has been reported by very few people… Continue to full article

The Risk That’s Growing Once Again in the Housing Market
Homebuyers are increasingly opting to put less money down when purchasing their homes, increasing their risk should the housing market, and specifically home prices, falter yet again. When home prices crashed in the last decade, millions of borrowers fell underwater on their home loans, prompting a foreclosure crisis of epic proportions. It all begs the question, could it happen again?… (Continue to full article)

Should Gold Be Legal Tender? Behind the Push to Revive an Ancient Standard
By the end of the year, Texas plans to open the nation’s first state-supervised gold and silver depository, allowing ordinary Texans, as well as businesses, banks and others, to store their precious… (Continue to full article)

A Direct Comparison Between Gold, Silver, Platinum and Copper
Here’s an updated analysis of physical gold, silver, platinum and copper regarding their respective versatility of use, durability, fungibility, store of value, liquidity and aesthetics… (Continue to full article)

Used Car Prices Crash To Lowest Level Since 2009 Amid Glut Of Off-Lease Supply
The U.S. auto market is at an interesting crossroads with used car prices crashing to new lows every month while new car prices continue to defy gravity courtesy of a somewhat ‘frothy’, if not suicidal, lending market that has seemingly decided that anyone with a pulse is financially qualified for a $0 down, 0% interest, 80 month loan on a brand new $40,000 luxury vehicle of their choice… (Continue to full article)

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